Flatpacks is a prefabricated portable cabin technology with built in facilities and customized as per you requirements.

We introduced the concept of leasing prefabricated structures in India, when the prefab industry was a growing field in the country. Today, we are the largest modular leasing company in India, with over 400 units across the country, growing with each day.

Reckoning your specific requirements, we have structured the leasing facilities to cater to site office complexes, accommodation units, kitchen and dining units, bungalow units, large warehouses, hospital units, security and guard houses, laundry units, recreation units, ablution units, laboratory units, storage and workshop units and the like. Our structures come in standard sizes of 20', 30' and 40' units and can be availed for use within hours of unloading and assembly.

The units can be accompanied by infrastructure systems like DG sets, RO systems, Hydro Pneumatic Systems, Sewage Plants, fire fighting systems, freezer units and the like on lease.

We, at Viral Corp, offer complete support systems in the form of on-site logistics and support while incurring no capital cost on the same.

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