There are very few things which are more fascinating than the way human beings have changed the world around them. We are surrounded with examples of the imagination of mankind that are still a part of our lifestyle and mark our civilisation. Constructions all around us mark the important people that were and the structures that stood the test of time.

The history of structural engineering combined with technology has brought us to an era where construction need not take a few months or years but can be a matter of a few hours to build or expand a facility.

Almost a century ago, prefabrication started making its mark in the world of construction. Architecture and technology combined with solution based design is what describes Viral Corporation the best.

Prefabrication is about designs which are built around function and beauty. It marks the rebirth of the style and shape of buildings which are assembled in a state of the art facility away from the site and can be assembled within a few days or even hours at the main site.

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