Instakabin is a prefabricated portable cabin technology with built in facilities and customized as per you requirements.

Instakabin structures are designed to withstand any amount of stress and strain associated with rough handling, lifting and shifting, extreme climatic conditions and the most challenging terrains. All the products are treated with specialized chemical solutions and paints to make them resistant to white ants, termites, fire, water, corrosion etc. The economic life of our bunkhouses is estimated at 20 years!

These cabins are completely prefabricated for an intended purpose and installed at the site.

THE Instakabin Features

We are adequately equipped to produce international quality products using various materials such as Steel,Aluminium, Fiber-glass reinforced plastic(FRP),Sandwiched Panels or Timber in various sizes,structural details and other standard specifications.The instakabin comes with carefully planned details like ventilation & hygiene,highest structural stability,weather proofness, leak proofness & faultless operation under extreme climatic conditions and furniture,fitments,etc.

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