We began our journey back in 1984, with the sole vision of being a leader in the prefab industry globally. Since our commencement, we have believed in hard work and industriousness with dedication to every client’s success. We are a group of focussed and diligent individuals, with a passion to innovate and evolve structures for a better world tomorrow.

Our identity represents our zest for our work and brings each individual in our hierarchy together under a common belief system.

Our new brand language is a transition from a manufacturing and business-oriented approach to a more accessible and innovative way of prefab which is established, knowledge driven and progressive.

Our logo is an organic, yet contemporary representation of a bird. The bird is a perfect combination of precise structure and aesthetic values that contribute to a living space.

Since ancient times, birds play an important symbolic role because they travel in 3 of the 5 traditional elements: air, earth and water, thus, depicting our passion to construct in the most challenging terrains. A bird represents exceptional speed, which reflects in the stringent time schedules that we deliver in.

The upward movement of the bird signifies progress, excellence, achievement and success, which reflects in our work. At the same time, the logo has a modular approach, with a cluster-like feel and the integration of various elements representing our evolved structures which offer complete functionality and productivity. The design, in a nutshell, reflects elements of warmth and life along with scientific detailing and technology.

The colours in our brand language are a manifestation of the beliefs and culture of our organization.

The colour red symbolizes our creativity, innovation, progressive attitude and future-proof structures. At the same time, the colour Blue has been used to establish our experience in the industry, methodical processes, credible background and trustworthy nature.

Our responsibility and sustainability with every endeavour has been brought out with the colour Green and from the colour Grey we draw our legacy, maturity and foundation in the prefab industry.

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