What is Frameworks?

Our incessant efforts led us to understand and implement the Light Gauge Steel Frame ('LGSF') technology and introduce it in India under the brand 'FrameWorks'.

With an in-house capacity to design, manufacture and supply large amounts of constructer floor area every week, we are equipped to scale up our operations as and when the projects demands.

How it Works?

The Frameworks structures are made of galvanized light gauge metal frames, in the form of structural components. These components are designed with the help of the CAD-CAM software that generates structural details to produce sections on automated CNC controlled roll-forming machine. The structure is then clad with a range of extensive cladding materials and finished as desired.


The high Area-to-Volume ratio leads to economical and highly efficient logistics. This inherent characteristic makes it a very valuable for projects executed in difficult terrains like desserts, steep terrains or remote areas that have difficult accessibility.
Unified factory production combined with mechanized construction, gives Frameworks complete flexibility of design. The inherent manufacturing process enables you to manoeuvre the design to suit your requirements with high structural stability and aesthetic gratification. With a high strength- to- weight ratio, the structural components keep the weight less than 50% of that of conventional structures, with greater spans, open spaces, taller walls and flexible floor plans.
With design, engineering, procuring and manufacturing done offsite, Frameworks promises reduction in time frames by 60-70% with minimum load on environmental resources. The technology reduces labour intensity and replaces the conventional brick, concrete and wood construction with an enduring modular structure with aesthetic architecture.
With Frameworks, the structures are designed with high load bearing capabilities to give an advanced seismic performance. Steel structures being lighter with high ductility gives increased resistance to earthquake. The structures are built with a combination of cladding and insulating materials which make it non-combustible and increase the fire resistance of the modular building. With an environmental friendly technology, Frameworks uses recyclable materials which reduce the consumption of wood, bring down wastage and disposal costs and also have a high thermal resistance.
Our structures are designed and manufactured under stringent quality control standards. Advanced quality standards ensure the structures are engineered for higher dimensional stability, with controlled workmanship to avoid shrinkage, cracking and warping.
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